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Today was the first day of my prednisone treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. My specialist has told me it should take at least two months before I see any improvement. I will be blogging here about my experieinces and hopefully I will not suffer from many of the common side effects of corticosteroids such as weight gain, lethargy etc. I will try to update this blog at least once a week :-)

( for those of you who don't know much about Multiple sclerosis you can find some comprehensive info on the MS page on Wikipedia and on the MS Society's website )

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Well we're already into 2012 and as you may have noticed I got side tracked from this blog. I've had no energy for months so taking care of my two kids rather than doing stuff online has been my priority. The one thing I have dones is turned off comments as I had about 50 guys trying to post links to sites with steroids uk for sale using anchor text such as buy steroids. Once again these kind of comments would be better suited to the blog I mentioned in the paragraph above this one. A reader emailed me and mentioned that my blog has vanished from Google, I have no idea why put I guess i'll have to resubmit it for crawling. Perhaps they don't like blogs that don't get regular updates. After further research it seems my only page that is visible to the bots is a search for the word Pregnyl this of course makes no sense to me at all.

We've recently moved into a new house and it's all been a bit of a disaster due to a useless pre purchase survey which missed loads of problems which I'm now having to fix. Nearly all of the skirting boards are rotten and need replacing and there is large patches of damp on the first floor of the house. The place is far too small for my family so we had planned on building an extension sadly it looks like all the funds I'd saved for that purpose will be blown fixing whats already wrong with it. Finally having a set of stairs is great though as I can get plenty of exercise carrying my son up and down the stairs until I run out of energy. I'm still feeling pretty tired most of the time and have major weight gain due of the bad kind to the steroids UK i'm currently on. On the bright side my son thinks my tummy makes an excellent punching bag for him to practice on.

I'm enjoying this years Celebrity Big Brother and hate the twins. Although I am looking forward to downloading a pdf of the Playboy issue they're in.Found two new twitter accounts that are worth following too.